The Hill: Why the US needs a federal manufacturing strategy

by U.S. Senator Gary Peters

You can't be a great country if you don't make things. If you look throughout our nation's history, innovation and entrepreneurship is what drives our growth and opportunity. Whether it was the invention of the assembly line to mass produce vehicles and goods - or the invention of the lightbulb or the telephone - we are strongest when our manufacturing base is strong. However, this pandemic shined an even greater light on a challenge that threatens to undermine our global competitiveness: we h… Continue Reading


Crain's Detroit Business: Commentary: It's time to renew our country's emphasis on manufacturing

by U.S. Senator Gary Peters

Since before the first cars rolled off the Model T assembly line, Michigan has been at the forefront of innovation. Today, our automakers, parts suppliers, and advanced manufacturers have worked hard to keep our state - and our country - competitive by creating and utilizing cutting-edge technologies. For too long though, the federal government has taken a piecemeal approach to manufacturing - and the coronavirus pandemic has shined an even greater spotlight on those challenges. Early on in th… Continue Reading


Lansing State Journal: A better manufacturing strategy could strengthen, save the economy

by U.S. Senator Gary Peters

In Michigan, we've proven time and time again that we step up in times of need. We saw it during World War II, when the Arsenal of Democracy built the tanks and planes that defeated tyranny. We see it each and every day when Michigan service members volunteer to put their lives on the line in defense of our values and security. And we're seeing it now during the Coronavirus pandemic: where workers from all sectors of our economy are stepping up to care for the sick and keep our economy afloat. … Continue Reading


Michigan Chronicle: Supporting Families, Workers Impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic

by U.S. Senator Gary Peters

As Coronavirus cases continue to skyrocket in Michigan, there is no disputing that this disease is disproportionately impacting communities of color. The rates of Coronavirus infections and deaths among African American Michiganders are alarming and gut-wrenching. This pandemic has caused a public health and economic crisis, and it will continue to take all of us working together to address this unprecedented emergency. I am doing everything possible - as U.S. Senator and Ranking Member of the … Continue Reading


The Hill: Unprecedented health crisis called for historic expansion of unemployment insurance

by U.S. Senators Gary Peters and Ron Wyden

As communities across the nation take serious steps to confront the coronavirus, we must work together to ensure that our hospitals and health care professionals have the resources they will need in the grueling weeks and months ahead. From masks to widely available coronavirus testing, it is our responsibility to combat this public health crisis and help those on the frontlines working to prevent the spread of this devastating disease. At the same time, we must also ease the burden that this p… Continue Reading


Oakland Press: Time for Paul Whelan’s release from Russia

by U.S. Senator Gary Peters

Saturday, December 28th will mark one year since Novi resident Paul Whelan was abruptly arrested by Russian authorities while visiting for a friend's wedding. The Russians have accused Paul of espionage. However after a year in detention - without due process - there has been no credible evidence presented against Paul. But here's what we do know: Paul's health is suffering. He is being held in poor conditions. The Russians have severely limited his access to U.S. Embassy staff. Simply… Continue Reading


Detroit Free Press: Why the Great Lakes are worth protecting

by U.S. Senator Gary Peters

When folks in Washington ask me why I care so much about the Great Lakes, my answer is pretty straightforward: they are simply part of who we are as Michiganders. Whether it's kayaking around Pictured Rocks in the Upper Peninsula, hiking the Sleeping Bear Dunes, visiting Belle Isle in Detroit or stopping by towns all along the Great Lakes, it's no exaggeration to say that the Great Lakes define Michigan. So when I fight back against any effort to cut support for the Great Lakes on the federal … Continue Reading


Pride Source: Why We Need to Pass the Equality Act

by U.S. Senator Gary Peters

If you looked up homosexuality in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 50 years ago, you would see it listed as a mental disorder. There's no question we've come a long way since then. This month, we celebrate a month that honors the contributions and sacrifices of the entire LGBTQ community. Pride Month is a time to reflect and recognize the perseverance of the entire LGBTQ community in the face of extreme bigotry and discrimination. In a short few years, w… Continue Reading


Detroit News: Government must work efficiently for manufacturers

by U.S. Senator Gary Peters

When I visited Plascore, Inc. in Zeeland, I saw firsthand how workers are manufacturing a honeycomb-designed structure that will help launch a manned spacecraft to Mars. Technical expertise, innovation and advanced manufacturing at businesses like this reinforced the extraordinary cutting-edge work happening right here in Michigan. That's exactly part of what we do as Michiganians: We make things. We built the Model T that rolled off the assembly line. We built the Arsenal of Democracy that he… Continue Reading


Automotive News: How American autos can drive the future

by U.S. Senator Gary Peters

Innovation is in our DNA as Americans. From the Wright Brothers' first flight - to the first Model-T that rolled off the assembly line - to the moon landing, America has transformed how the world moves and thinks. As we look to the future, we once again have the potential to reinvent what it means to get from Point A to Point B. While there is incredible opportunity, we also face significant challenges, including: How the American auto industry can continue to be a global leader in mobility.… Continue Reading


Lansing State Journal: The Unknowns of a Great Lakes Oil Spill

by U.S. Senator Gary Peters

Last November, I asked then-Commandant Paul Zukunft about the Coast Guard's capability to clean up an oil spill in the Great Lakes at a Senate subcommittee hearing on Coast Guard preparedness. He did not sugarcoat his answer. The Coast Guard - whose motto is "Always Ready" - was not prepared to deal with a possible pipeline break in the world's largest body of surface freshwater. In Michigan, the Great Lakes are critical to our way of life. They provide drinking water for over 40 million people… Continue Reading


Holland Sentinel: Addressing the youth opioid crisis

by Senator Gary Peters

We have all seen the staggering numbers that demonstrate how deeply the opioid crisis has affected Michigan families. In our state, opioid deaths have nearly tripled over the past decade, tragically taking more than 1,700 lives in 2016 alone. While the use of black market drugs like fentanyl and heroin has skyrocketed, the rising cost of opioid reversal drugs puts this lifesaving treatment increasingly out of reach. For many Michiganders, the numbers on the page are all too real. Our families, … Continue Reading


Detroit Free Press: Stabenow and Peters: Trump proposed rollback threatens Thunder Bay, Great Lakes history

by US Senators Gary Peters & Debbie Stabenow

In the foggy, early morning hours of Oct. 20, 1854, the cargo schooner Defiance was sailing along Michigan's northeastern coast en route to Buffalo from Chicago to deliver more than 11,500 bushels of grain. At the same time, the John J. Audubon, a brig carrying over 400 bars of railroad iron, was speeding north on its way to the Chicago railyards. These two vessels marked an era of commerce and shipping on the Great Lakes riddled with danger. Time was of the essence to ship captains and merchan… Continue Reading


APS Physics: Congress Should Work Together to Ensure America’s Global Competitiveness

by US Senator Gary Peters

The American economy is powered by the leaps and bounds in innovation that generate new products, launch new industries, and create the jobs of the future. Investments in scientific research and development are at the heart of our innovation economy, and without those steady investments, America is at risk of losing our competitive edge. Unfortunately in recent years, federal investment in research and development as a percentage of GDP has dropped to historic lows while our global competitors h… Continue Reading


The Hill: Self-driving cars are the next frontier of innovation and safety


Forget about "The Jetsons." The future of the automobile is here and the automotive industry is completely revolutionizing how we will get around for decades to come. Thanks to the 75th Washington Auto Show, which closed on Sunday, consumers have had the opportunity to see new technological leaps and bounds from automakers that are making today's vehicles bolder, more fuel-efficient, interconnected, and, in some cases, able to drive themselves. It's an exciting time for automakers, innovators, a… Continue Reading


Detroit Free Press: Peters and Stabenow: Progress made, but more work to do to help Flint

by Senator Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow

Too many families in Flint still can't drink the unfiltered water that comes out of their faucets. After pushing congressional leaders for a year, we finally have achieved a major step forward in the long overdue - and needlessly difficult - fight to fix Flint's water pipes. It's been too long that the people in Flint have had to figure out how to get safe water to their house every day for drinking, cooking and bathing. It's been too long for parents who continue to worry about their children… Continue Reading


Space News Magazine: The Next Frontier in Deep Space Exploration

by US Senator Gary Peters

As a Senator from Michigan, the epicenter of the automotive world, I see striking similarities between human space exploration and the automotive industry. Following a long period of growth and prosperity through the 1990s and early 2000s, the automotive industry was shaken by the Great Recession, which closed factory doors and cost thousands of American jobs. But Detroit responded by doing what America does best - they endured, they innovated and they rose to the challenge. With record sales in… Continue Reading


The Hill: Highlighting contributions of entrepreneurs, startup companies

by US Senators Gary Peters and Steve Daines

For many Americans, a cornerstone of the American Dream is the opportunity to take an idea and turn it into a successful business. Our nation's economic prosperity was built on a foundation of American ingenuity and the drive to turn dreams into reality. As members of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, we share a common goal of supporting the small businesses that are a key part of the American economy. This year we are joining together to celebrate the 4th Annual Startu… Continue Reading


The Hill: Reaffirming America's commitment to science and technology

by Sen. Gary Peters, Sen. Cory Gardner, and Norm Augustine, Bipartisan Policy Center board member

For decades, American hard work and ingenuity has driven our country's unprecedented economic prosperity. Our scientific curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit led to innovative discoveries that helped establish the United States as the world's largest economy and premier thought leader in the scientific arena. But as other nations increasingly invest in science and innovation to help grow their economies, we must recommit to promoting our own national science policy and maintaining American compe… Continue Reading


Between the Lines: After Orlando, The Fight For Equality Goes On

by US Senator Gary Peters

In the same month - and more significantly during Pride Month - when we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of marriage equality, we are also mourning the loss of 49 Americans who were killed and 53 others who were wounded in not just the worst mass shooting in our nation's history, but a clearly targeted attack against the LGBT community. Our country has made great strides towards equality for all Americans. In recent years, public polling has shown that hearts and minds across the countr… Continue Reading

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