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Addressing Crime and Public Safety

Gary has worked to reduce crime and strengthen public safety across Michigan. He has enacted legislation to create a more effective law enforcement strategy, invest in community policing, protect houses of worship, and safeguard our communities against senseless gun violence. He’ll continue supporting legislation that will enable Michiganders to stay safe. 

Law Enforcement

In an effort to make our communities safer places to live, work, and raise a family, Gary introduced and helped enact into law the bipartisan Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act. This law authorizes a nationwide law enforcement program focused on the reduction of violent crime. It builds on the successful and effective Project Safe Neighborhoods program—a nationwide partnership between federal, state and local law enforcement and prosecutors that uses evidence-based and data-driven approaches to reduce crime rates. The Senate voted to unanimously reauthorize Project Safe Neighborhoods in July 2023.

Gary has also led the effort to incentivize community policing. In the summer of 2023, the Senate unanimously passed Gary’s bipartisan Strong Communities Act – legislation that rewards law enforcement officers who serve in their own communities. It would provide federal grants for local law enforcement recruits who agree to attend school or academy and then serve in a law enforcement agency in their respective communities.

Protecting Houses of Worship

Across our country, religious institutions are threatened by a rising number of violent attacks fueled by hate. That’s why Gary has led the charge in supporting the Nonprofit Security Grant Program, which provides resources for houses of worship to improve their security. This program has helped synagogues, mosques, African American churches, temples, and gurdwaras across Michigan protect their congregations. Every Michigander should be able to practice their faith without fear, and Gary will continue working to give our houses of worship the resources they need to remain safe havens.

Reducing Gun Violence

Gary believes that we must take steps to address the gun violence crisis in our country. Children should not feel afraid to go to school, families should not fear visiting their house of worship, and no Michigander should feel unsafe in their community.

Gary helped enact the historic Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which was signed into law in 2022. The bill marked the most significant legislation to address gun violence at the federal level in nearly 30 years, and made key investments to protect our schools, expand behavioral health resources, and strengthen the review process for young gun buyers. Through this law, Gary helped secure $8 million for the state of Michigan to enhance crisis care programs and combat gun violence. Gary also cosponsored the Background Check Expansion Act, which would expand federal background checks to all gun sales. And he has advocated for the assault weapons ban, which would prohibit the sale of military style assault weapons that have been used in mass shootings across the country.