• Strengthening Agriculture & Rural Communities

    Agriculture is one of Michigan’s biggest industries, keeping our economy strong, supporting our rural communities and sustaining millions of families who depend on a safe and affordable food supply.

  • Fighting for Civil Rights & the Administration of Justice

    While our nation was founded on the principles of equality, justice, and freedom for all, the struggle for civil rights and true equality continues today.

  • Investing in Education

    As a product of Michigan’s public schools, Gary understands that all of our children deserve a fair chance to succeed, and a good education gives them the tools they need to achieve their full potential.

  • Making Government Efficient & Effective

    Governing by crisis through short-term extensions and budgetary gimmicks is hurting America’s economic growth, and Gary believes we need to take a practical, responsible approach to solving our nation’s fiscal challenges and developing a long-term budget.

  • Protecting Our Great Lakes & Environment

    Representing a state that borders four of the five Great Lakes, Gary knows firsthand how important it is for our environment and our economy that we protect our natural resources.

  • Expanding Health Care Access

    Michigan families deserve access to quality, affordable health care coverage that helps protect their financial future.

  • Creating Jobs & Growing Our Economy

    Gary’s top priority in the Senate is growing our economy, creating good-paying jobs in Michigan and strengthening our middle class.

  • Honoring Our Military & Veterans

    Our brave men and women in uniform lay their lives on the line – often far away from their homes and families – to protect our freedoms and defend our way of life.

  • Keeping America Safe & Secure

    As a former Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve, Gary understands our country is facing critical national security challenges.

  • Supporting Women & Families

    Gary supports policies that empower women to get equal pay for equal work and make their own health care decisions.