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As your Senator, Gary works to help bring federal resources to Michigan and our office stands ready to guide you through the process of identifying grant, loan and other program opportunities to support your efforts.

This page includes links to information on federal grant, procurement and loan resources as well as other information that will be of interest to businesses, non-profits and others looking for government and private financial and non-financial resources. We hope you find this information helpful and that you will feel free to reach out to our office at (844) 506-7420 with any questions.


Does Senator Peters’ staff write grant proposals, review, or proof-read them?

While Senator Peters’ office is unable to write, review or proofread grant proposals, we are able to help in other ways. The office can assist you in researching federal grants you may be eligible for and we may be able to provide a letter of support for your project. The office also has a Federal Grants Guide for Michigan Municipalities that includes a range of grant opportunities.

To have your letter of support request considered, please click on this link: Sen Peters grant letter of support request form.

Does Senator Peters decide who receives a grant?

No. Those decisions are made by the cabinet department peer review committees based on objective criteria. 

I’m a for-profit company. Are federal grants available to me?

Usually not, but click here to review the Small Business Administration for more information.

How can I get a grant to start a small business or to make additions and improvements to my current small business?

Please see both the Federal Grant & Procurement section and the Business Resources sections below. 

Are there grants for construction costs?

Generally, federal grants do not cover the cost of new construction or capital improvements. However, you may be able to apply for funding for planning, operational and programmatic costs and can divert the money you would have spent on that towards construction costs. 

Where can I find open federal grant opportunities?

Click here to visit to find federal grant opportunities. For a full list of open and closed funding opportunities, click here to visit See Federal Grant & Procurement Resources section for a federal grants guide for Michigan municipalities compiled by Senator Peters’ office. 

Who is eligible for federal grant funding?

Most federal grants are awarded to non-profits like charities, schools and community organizations, state & local government agencies, federally-recognized tribes, and public safety agencies like hospitals, police and fire departments. 

How long is the process for obtaining federal grant money?

Finding opportunities for which you are eligible and applying for a federal grant takes time and effort. You’ll need time to research available opportunities, develop your project, and write the proposal. Once a grant application is submitted it often takes the funding agency several months to review the applications and select the awardees. If your application is successful, there are also a number of requirements to meet when using the funding.

Federal Grant & Procurement Resources

Federal Grants Guide for Michigan Municipalities:

This is a guide compiled by Senator Peters’ office that includes information on select grant programs for which local government entities are eligible.

Click HERE to access. 

Senator Peters’ Grant Letter of Support:

If you are applying for a federal grant and would like to request a letter of support from Senator Peters, please complete and submit this Grant Letter of Support Request Form and your request will be considered. Please note that the request must pertain to a specific federal grant for which you are applying or have applied; general letters of support will not be considered. is a single access point for over 1,000 grant programs offered by the 26 federal grant-making agencies. It is the federal government’s main web resource on which you can find and apply for federal government grants. provides access to and official descriptions of more than 2,000 federal programs (including grant, loan, procurement and other financial and non-financial assistance) available to state and local governments, profit and non-profit organizations, groups and individuals. Programs are searchable and descriptions are updated by departments and agencies, and they cover authorizing legislation, objectives, and eligibility and compliance requirements.

Michigan APEX Accelerators (formerly Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, or PTAC):

With offices located throughout Michigan, APEX Accelerators offer marketing, technical consulting and training to businesses in the state interested in obtaining federal, state and local government contracts.

Click HERE to learn more. 

Overview of the Federal Procurement Process and Resources:

This Congressional Research Services’ report describes the most common elements of the federal procurement process and resources that may be used in that process.

Federal Loan Resources is an online resource to help you find government loans for which you may be eligible.

Business Resources  

The Small Business Administration (SBA):

This link provides Information on SBA loans, investment capital, disaster assistance, surety bond and grant programs.

Small Business Administration: Primer on Programs and Funding:

This Congressional Research Services’ report provides an overview of the SBA’s programs and funding.

Michigan Small Business Development Center (SBDC):

The Michigan Small Business Development Center provides counseling, training, research and advocacy for new business ventures, existing small businesses and innovative technology companies. The State Headquarters, located at Grand Valley State University, supports regional and satellite offices, each providing counseling and training to small business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the 83 counties in Michigan through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC):

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation can assist businesses expanding, relocating or just looking for help with its one-stop business service and wide array of economic development tools. for Businesses:

Includes contracting with the federal government, international trade and exporting, and small business.
Click HERE

Nonprofit Resources 

Candid Grants Space:

Gateway to information about private funding sources, the grantseeking process, guidelines on writing a grant proposal, addresses of state libraries with grants reference collections, and links to other useful Internet websites. Candid maintains a comprehensive Foundation Directory Online database on foundations; produces print and electronic directories and guides; conducts research and publishes studies in the field; and offers a variety of training and educational seminars.

Grants Resources by State (Grantsmanship Center):

Click on state map to find links to information about a state's foundations, community foundations, corporate giving programs and the state's home page.

Community Foundations:

There are more than 750 community foundations in the U.S., which are grantmaking public charities dedicated to improving the lives of people in a defined local geographic area. The Council on Foundations has a listing of community foundations by state.

Resources for Grantseekers:

This Congressional Research Services’ report provides a brief introduction to the grant process and describes key sources of information on government and private funding.

How to Develop and Write a Grant Proposal:

This Congressional Research Services’ report covers writing proposals for both government and private foundation grants.

Other Resources 

FTC Consumer Alerts:

The Federal Trade Commission warns consumers to beware of paying "processing fees" for information that is available free to the public. Ads claiming federal grants and other assistance available for home repairs, home business, unpaid bills, or other personal expenses are often a scam.

Click HERE for more. 

A-Z Index of U. S. Department and Agencies:

To better develop a grant proposal, search a department or agency's Home Page to learn more about its programs and objectives.

U.S. Department of Education Student Aid Programs:

MI Student Aid:

MI Student Aid is the go-to resource for student financial aid in Michigan. Find information on grants, college savings plans and student scholarships and grants that help make college accessible, affordable and attainable.

Click HERE.