Help with a Federal Agency

Gary’s office stands ready to help you understand your rights and responsibilities related to various federal programs and help you work through a problem you may have with a federal agency. Acting as a liaison between you and the federal government, our staff can often help you answer questions, find resources or resolve problems. While we cannot ask an agency to circumvent its rules, force it to decide a question in your favor, or change a decision that is already final, we can make inquiries about the status of your situation and review the steps taken thus far to ensure your case is being handled properly. Please note that our office is unable to assist with problems not related to federal agencies, such as judicial or state matters.

In order to get started, our staff is required to have your written authorization before information may be disclosed from a government agency. To simplify this process, please complete the online form below to generate a privacy release for you to print out. Printing, signing and returning that completed privacy release form will provide your written authorization. Please submit your form via mail or fax, and be sure to include any other documents or materials that would help us assist you.

If you are a Michigan resident stationed at a military base outside of the state, please include your home of record in your message. If you are not a resident of Michigan but are contacting us about a relative who lives in our state, please include their home address in your message.

If you are a Michigan resident looking for assistance with an immigration or visa-related issue, please fill out this form and mail or fax it to our office using the information below.

Due to heightened security concerns in the U.S. Capitol, all mail sent to Gary’s office in Washington, D.C. may be significantly delayed by additional security screening procedures. If your issue is urgent or time-sensitive, please call our Detroit office toll free at (844) 506-7420.

By Mail:

U.S. Senator Gary Peters
ATTN: Constituent Services
477 Michigan Avenue, Suite 1837
Detroit, MI 48226

By Fax:

(313) 226-6948