Dearborn Press and Guide: Sen. Gary Peters looking forward to hearing news on economy during State of the Union

U.S. Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.) will have a man well-known to Dearborn at his side for the State of the Union Address Tuesday.

Hassan Jaber, executive director of ACCESS, will be joining the senator in Washington, D.C.

Peters said he extended the invitation because Jaber and ACCESS are so well-respected.

He also wanted to push back against the rhetoric being spewed by some Republican presidential candidates that is inappropriate.

Peters said we need to celebrate Arab Americans and all that they do for the United States. This country was founded by immigrants.

“They contribute so much to what makes our country great,” Peters said. “We need to embrace our diversity, that’s what makes us successful.”

He said Arab Americans are patriotic, successful and have deeply held family values, just like most of the country.

When it comes to the president’s address Tuesday, Peters hopes to hear about the improving economy and jobs.

In his role in Washington, D.C., Peters primarily focuses on manufacturing and having a strong auto industry.

“I expect he’ll talk about the auto industry and the efforts he went through to save it,” Peters said. Continued...

By:  Jodi Rempala
Source: Dearborn Press & Guide