Detroit Free Press: Peters measure aims to help traumatized vets

WASHINGTON – A proposal by U.S. Sen. Gary Peters would help traumatized veterans maintain their G.I. benefits after being discharged for minor infractions linked to what he called "the invisible wounds of war."

Peters, D-Mich., is proposing an amendment to the annual National Defense Authorization Act that would address veterans being issued administrative discharges making them ineligible for certain benefits and Department of Veterans Affairs home loans.

He said those discharges are often the result of minor misconduct such as missing appointments or being late to formation, which in turn may be the result of post-traumatic stress disorder or other traumas. Peters' amendment would create a presumption in favor of the veteran when he or she petitions the Pentagon for an upgrade in discharge status based on medical evidence.

"We must ensure they are treated fairly when petitioning to upgrade their discharge status," said Peters, a former Navy Reserve officer.

By:  Todd Spangler