Detroit News: Peters named to congressional China panel

Washington — U.S. Sen. Gary Peters is being named to the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, a bipartisan panel that monitors the Asian nation’s compliance with international human rights standards and compliance with international trade laws.

The commission issues an annual report with its findings. The appointment of Peters to replace retired Sen. Carl Levin, the Detroit Democrat who was a commission member since 2001, comes amid growing concern about currency intervention by major economies.

“I am honored to serve on the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, where I will work to hold China accountable for unfair trade practices and currency manipulation, so that American companies and American workers can compete on a level playing field,” said Peters, D-Bloomfield Township. “I look forward to working with my colleagues on the commission from both parties to make sure that China plays by the rules and meets their commitments to follow international trade agreements and make progress on protecting human rights.”

The commission was created by Congress in 2000, and consists of nine senators, nine members of the House of Representatives and five senior administration officials appointed by the president.

By:  David Shepardson
Source: Detroit News