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Group Rates Peters No. 1 Most Effective U.S. Senator

A nonpartisan group with a bipartisan board has again named U.S. Sen. Gary Peters its most effective U.S. senator. It is the second consecutive term that Mr. Peters (D-Bloomfield Township) has received the distinction from the Center for Effective Lawmaking.

Mr. Peters saw 19 standalone bills of his enacted into law. A statement from Mr. Peters' office said that is the most for a U.S. senator in a single congressional term in more than 40 years, citing the Congressional Research Service and Senate Historical Office.

"At the top of the list is Sen. Gary Peters, who in the 116th Congress had the rare distinction of being the overall most effective lawmaker in the Senate, despite Democrats being the minority party," the center wrote. "As we noted previously, with the exception of the 107th Senate (2001-02), in which Senate control shifted partway through the term from Republican to Democratic when Senator Jim Jeffords switched parties, Sen. Peters' feat cannot be found anywhere else in the Center for Effective Lawmaking data, which stretch back to the early 1970s."

Mr. Peters had the highest legislative effectiveness score, according to the center's data.