Senator Gary Peters discusses PFAS with Air Force secretary nominee

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WLNS) – Michigan Senator Gary Peters took part in a confirmation for US Air Force Secretary candidate Frank Kendall on Monday, and he brought up a subject that has been a big part of his focus in recent years: PFAS.

PFAS describes group of toxic and cancer-causing chemicals that are especially important to the military as they are used in high-grade fire-fighting foam used to extinguish burning jet fuel.

PFAS can contaminate the soil and ground water, making people sick.

Peters, who is known for his calls for PFAS regulation, called on Kendall saying the Department of defense needs to more quickly and effectively treat PFAS contamination air force bases, including some in Michigan.

Senator Peters also took the opportunity to highlight Selfridge Air National Guard base as a potential international training center for F-35 Combat Aircraft.

By:  Wells Foster, Tom Darling
Source: WLNS Channel 6 Lansing