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US Senator Gary Peters Advocates for More Federal Funding for MI Fire Departments

US Senator Gary Peters is traveling across mid-Michigan, advocating to continue federal funding for Michigan fire departments.

The senator made a stop in Saginaw this week. Peters took part in a hands-on demonstration of the Jaws of Life, equipment bought with federal funds. But that funding program is set to expire this year.

Peters is touting legislation that would extend the grants. They are used to help shore up needs of fire departments, including staffing, equipment, vehicles, and training.

Peters said it’s important to support Michigan’s fire departments, especially in smaller communities.

“So, these grants are really important for our smaller rural areas to make sure that they have state of the art fire departments with equipment and highly trained personnel to defend our community,” said Peters.

Peters said the legislation includes extending the grant program for 7 years, allowing departments more certainty as to how long the funds will be available for planning purposes. He also said it’s important to pass this legislation this year so there are no gaps in funding.