WOOD TV NBC 8 Grand Rapids: Peters seeks answers on Agent Orange coverage at VA

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — U. S. Sen. Gary Peters is demanding to know why thousands of veterans aren’t receiving the health benefits he believes they should.

Peters, D-Bloomfield Township, sent a letter to the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Office of Management and Budget asking for an explanation as to why certain illnesses aren’t being covered for thousands of Vietnam-era vets who were exposed to toxic defoliant Agent Orange.

He said illnesses like bladder cancer, hypertension and Parkinson’s disease are just some that could be covered but are being blocked by the Trump administration.

“We’re talking about thousands of veterans in Michigan who need to be covered because of their exposure to Agent Orange. That’s why I wrote a letter to the OMB director as well as the VA director to move this forward so that our Vietnam veterans can be treated for exposure to Agent Orange who are suffering from diseases resulting from that,” he said.

The Nov. 8 letter had not generated any response as of Thursday, Peters said.

By:  Rick Albin
Source: WOOD TV NBC 8 Grand Rapids