WWTV CBS 9&10 Traverse City: Senator Peters Visits Pfizer, Reacts to Distribution of Vaccine

President Biden stopped to visit the Pfizer manufacturing facility in Portage on Friday.

He was joined by U.S Senator Gary Peters.

Peters has been calling for a more strategic distribution plan for the vaccine.

Senator Peters says on Friday Pfizer announced to double production at the facility.

Right now, they are producing 5 millions doses a week.Acb3b408 6822 4ff0 9c58 3355aa6fe46a

They hope to be producing 10 million doses a week within the next two weeks.

“The goal for Pfizer is to deliver about 120 million doses by the end of March, 200 million by the end of May, and 300 millions doses by the end of July. Which is enough to provide vaccines for nearly half of all Americans,” said Senator Peters.

Senator Peters says this was a great opportunity for both him and President Biden to personally thank those working in the facility to make distribution possible.

By:  Madison Schlegel
Source: WWTV CBS 9&10 Traverse City