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ICYMI: Peters Highlights Progress on Issues Important to Michiganders During Annual Motorcycle Tour Across State

Peters Rode Approximately 1,000 Miles to Muskegon, Traverse City, Munising, Hemlock and Lansing Area

WASHINGTON, DC – While riding approximately 1,000 miles across Michigan on his annual motorcycle tour U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI) highlighted progress for Michiganders on issues important to them, including: expanding domestic manufacturing and creating good-paying jobs; ensuring our veterans can access the VA health care benefits they deserve; addressing shoreline erosion and rising water levels; investing in efforts to restore our Great Lakes; and strengthening our cybersecurity defenses.

Peters, an avid motorcycle rider, made stops in Muskegon, Traverse City, Munising, Hemlock and the Lansing area. During the tour, Peters rode with veterans, motorcycle safety advocates and fellow Michiganders.

WOOD NBC 6 Grand Rapids: Senator Gary Peters kicked off his annual motorcycle tour in Muskegon

“Senator Gary Peters kicked off his annual motorcycle tour today in Muskegon. The event was held along Muskegon Lake, highlighting work done by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to preserve Lake Michigan.”


“Senator Peters participated in a boat tour hosted by GVSU to see how the restoration initiative has impacted Muskegon Lake.”


“‘It was clear the areas that we went through were transformed because of investments from the Great Lake Restoration Initiative … That money was put in to clean up the lake shores…to make sure that this lake as it flows into Lake Michigan also contributes to the health of the broader Great Lakes region as well.’”

“Senator Peters has been a longtime advocate of the project and has helped expand funding for the project as well.”


WZZM ABC 13 Grand Rapids: Cleaning up Muskegon Lake is a top priority for Senator Gary Peters

“Cleaning up Muskegon Lake is a top priority for Senator Gary Peters. The Senator made a visit to Western Michigan, showcasing the efforts made possible by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which Senator Peters has helped expand and fund. The program has been critical for cleanup and habitat restoration in the Great Lakes and surrounding waters. The Senator got a firsthand look at how the program is working. This is part of Senator Peters’ annual motorcycle tour all across the state.”


WPBN NBC 7 Traverse City: Sen. Peters stops at Old Mission Peninsula to discuss erosion damage

“Senator Gary Peters made a stop on the Old Mission Peninsula while on his annual motorcycle tour of the state.”

“Senator Peters took a close look at the erosion damage that shot down a portion of Bluff Road and announced a new grant program to help fix damage caused by erosion and flooding.”

“The goal of the funding is to build better and more resilient infrastructure that can withstand storms and rising water levels.”

“‘It's certainly a local challenge that we're seeing here with your homeowners association with the township,’ Senator Peters said. ‘This kind of damage is incredibly expensive to fix, it's difficult for local units to be able to do that and so we were looking and certainly I was focused on how do we provide resources to help communities help themselves and deal with resiliency.’”

9 & 10 News Traverse City: Senator Peters Embarks on Motorcycle Across Michigan Tour

“Senator Gary Peters stopped in Traverse City on Monday as part of his annual Motorcycle Across Michigan tour.

“Senator Peters and FEMA highlighted the Storm Revolving Loan Fund that was secured in the bi-partisan infrastructure law. Senator Peters had authored the act, passed it into law, and secured funding for it.

“The $500 million secured will go towards helping states finance mitigation projects and cities protect against coastal erosion, rising water levels and flooding.

“Senator Peters toured a section of Bluff Road on Old Mission Peninsula.

“‘Had we invested in making more resilient infrastructure and identifying potential problems before they occur it’s a whole lot cheaper than it is to fix the problem once it gets so bad like we’re seeing here right now. This is not unique, what we’re seeing here at Old Mission Point are problems all across the state of Michigan.’”

Radio Results Network: Sen. Peters Rides Motorcycle To Munising; Meets With U.P. Veterans

“U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI) stopped in Munising today as part of his annual motorcycle tour across Michigan. Peters and local Veterans Service Organization leaders — who served overseas in uniform following September 11th – met with local veterans at the Alger County Veterans Memorial about the Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act, which will deliver all generations of toxic-exposed veterans the health care and benefits they earned for the first time in our nation’s history. Peters, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and former Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve, helped pass the bipartisan legislation in the Senate and President Biden recently signed it into law.”

“‘Today, far too many of our nation’s heroes are suffering as a result of being exposed to harmful substances like Agent Orange or toxic burn pits while serving in uniform, and we have a sacred responsibility to ensure they receive the VA benefits and medical care that they’ve earned,’ said Senator Peters, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, son of a World War II veteran, and former Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve. ‘Many veterans have faced years and even decades without this necessary care, and it’s why I was proud to help enact the PACT Act to finally ensure veterans in Michigan and across the country exposed to toxic substances can obtain their long-overdue health care benefits.’”

WLUC NBC 6 Marquette: Sen. Peters meets with veterans, explains PACT Act

“Senator Gary Peters (D) spoke with veterans in Munising Tuesday about the newly passed Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxins (PACT) Act.”

“The PACT Act will help more veterans who were exposed to harmful toxins.”

“Jason Wallner, a NorthCare Network veteran navigator served in the Army in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is one of many U.S. veterans who were exposed to clouds of smoke from burn pits.”

“We all were aware of it but there wasn’t much we could do to stop it at that point in time,” Wallner said. “With this legislation and everything else it’s recognizing those exposures occurred.”

“Under the new law, post 9-11 veterans now have 10 years to enroll in VA health care. Before, they only had five years post-discharge.

“Those who were potentially exposed before 9-11 have one year to enroll.

“‘This is a significant piece of legislation, probably one of the most significant veterans’ benefits legislation that has passed in the last 20 years,’ Peters said. ‘I certainly encourage veterans if they are dealing with health issues, they should reach out to the VA to see if they are eligible for benefits.’”

WNEM CBS 5 Saginaw: Sen. Gary Peters visits Hemlock while on motorcycle tour

“Senator Gary Peters visited Hemlock while on his annual motorcycle tour on Wednesday.”

“Peters toured Hemlock Semiconductor and discussed recent legislation he backed and helped pass in Washington, such as the Inflation Reduction Act and the Chips and Science Act.”

“Peters believes both acts support production at manufacturers across the country including Hemlock Semiconductor.”

“Peters says the United States is overly dependent on foreign countries for chips.”

“‘Something I’ve been very focused on across industries and how important that is for us to think about and make sure that things are made here in the United States of America,’ Peters said. ‘That, I believe, you can’t be a great country unless you actually make things and, they’re making great things right here at Hemlock Semiconductor.’”

WSGW 790 AM Saginaw: Sen. Gary Peters Stops at Hemlock Semiconductor as Part of Annual Michigan Motorcycle Tour

“U.S. Senator Gary Peters is on his annual motorcycle tour of Michigan, with a stop Wednesday, August 31 at Hemlock Semiconductor.”

“Peters toured the facility, where hyper pure polysilicon is manufactured for things like cell phones, computers, vehicles and solar panels. Peters highlighted both the CHIPS and Science Act, which aims to make the U.S. a leading global producer of polysilicon, and the Inflation Reduction Act, which has provisions to increase renewable energy production.”

“Peters says both pieces of legislation will open the way for an increase in demand for things like solar panels. They will also increase economic and national security, among the U.S. less dependent on foreign countries or companies for products the U.S. needs in manufacturing.”

WLNS CBS 6 Lansing: U.S. Senator Gary Peters was in town for the last leg of his annual motorcycle tour across Michigan

“The director also met with Michigan U.S. Senator Gary Peters who was in town for the last leg of his annual motorcycle tour across Michigan. Cybersecurity has long been an important issue to Senator Peters.”

“‘Whether it's dedicated hostile governments that are attacking our systems or criminal actors, we have to be very vigilant. The work that's being done here by the State Police at this Command Center is world class and we're working to make sure the federal government and state government work closely.’”

“Peters started his motorcycle tour in Muskegon, making stops in Traverse City, Munising, and Hemlock.”