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ICYMI: Peters Travels Across Michigan on Annual Motorcycle Tour, Highlights Work on Issues Important to Michiganders

Peters Rode Over 1,300 Miles to Muskegon, Ironwood, Escanaba, Traverse City, Bay City, Lansing & Novi

DETROIT, MI – U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI) recently completed his annual motorcycle tour across Michigan, riding over 1,300 miles and highlighting the work he’s doing in the Senate on issues important to Michiganders including increasing support for workforce development programs, standing with workers and veterans, upgrading our roads and bridges, helping farmers address threats to their crops, and growing our state’s defense footprint.


Peters, an avid motorcycle rider, made stops in Muskegon, Ironwood, Escanaba, Traverse City, Bay City, Lansing, and Novi. He was joined on the ride by veterans, motorcycle safety advocates, workers, and constituents.

WHTC Holland: Peters Focuses on Vets Issues in Annual Summer Motorcycle Tour

“How is Michigan’s junior US Senator spending his summer recess from Washington? Gary Peters (D-Bloomfield Hills) is in the middle of his annual motorcycle tour across Michigan to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the PACT Act becoming law. Peters says the PACT Act has started to deliver VA benefits to veterans who were exposed to burn pits and other toxic chemicals during their service. Peters is making stops as part of his “Paving the Way for Michigan’s Future” tour.”

WXMI Grand Rapids: Peters Kicks Off Motorcycle Tour

“US Senator Gary Peters is on his motorcycle tour across Michigan. A journey which is meant to talk about the state's future started in Muskegon. Wednesday’s stop dedicated to celebrating the one year anniversary of the PACT Act. The legislation allows more than 16,000 veterans to apply for injury assistance in the form of benefits and health care.

“Well, as we were passing the PACT Act, we knew there was a very large number of veterans who had been exposed to these nasty toxic chemicals in war zones. Certainly burn pits, agent orange in the Vietnam War era, and that wasn't fully covered. So this was needed legislation,” Peters said.

“Peters is also making stops in Ironwood, Escanaba, Traverse City, Bay City, and Lansing before ending his track in Novi.”

WOOD Grand Rapids: Peters Kicks Off Statewide Motorcycle Tour

Senator Gary Peters kicked off his annual motorcycle tour of the state in Muskegon this afternoon, joined by fellow veterans who are also bike enthusiasts. Peters celebrated the one-year anniversary of the PACT act that he was instrumental in getting passed. The state's junior Senator said that more than 17,000 veterans in Michigan are now getting expanded health care treatment thanks to that act, a bill that was designed to help identify exposure to hazardous chemicals while serving that have gone on to cause medical issues. Speaking at the Silversides Museum, Peter has talked about what the Act has meant in just one year.

The PACT Act was a long time coming to deal with a number of service members who are impacted by the injuries of war, particularly those who were around toxic chemicals that when you were breathing in, you may not know exactly what that was going to do until many years later. And now those veterans are suffering every single day as a result of their service in conflict zones around the world. The PACT Act addresses that,” Peters said.

Peters says that any service member who is served is eligible regardless of how long ago. While he says the 800,000 vets nationwide are being served under the act, many more could be taking advantage of the plan. If you are a loved one might be impacted by the service, you should contact your local VA office.”

Escanaba Daily Press: Peters Visits Bay’s Water Lab As Part Of Motorcycle Tour

“We want to thank Senator Peters for visiting Bay College during his U.P. tour and taking the opportunity to learn about what Bay College is doing within their water program to support Michigan’s workforce, said Dr. Nerita Hughes, Bay College president.

“We were thrilled to have Senator Peters on campus and make him aware of our ability to impact Michigan’s workforce,” said Cindy Gallagher, Bay College Vice President of Business, Technology, Allied Health, & Workforce Development.

Peters praised Bay for its water program and said he hoped graduates of the program would stay in Michigan. “There is a growing need in our state for workers that have the technical training in water management and technologies, and Bay College is answering the call,” said Peters. “These skills training programs are not only creating a pipeline of qualified workers to our water sector, but helping to protect our Great Lakes and ensure Michiganders have clean drinking water.”

WZMQ Marquette: Sen. Gary Peters Visits Bay College Water Lab During Annual Motorcycle Tour


“Senator Peters included Bay College’s Water Lab on his annual motorcycle tour of Michigan. He discussed the college’s Water Resource Management and Water Technology programs with President Dr. Nerita Hughes, administrators, and a recent graduate.

“Senator Peters says as the only one of its kind in the state, Bay College’s water program is critical to maintaining and growing the water management field in Michigan.

“This program’s very important for the Upper Peninsula, and certainly folks in the Upper Peninsula appreciate good, clean water and cherish clean water more than anyone,” Peters said. “To know you have a world-class program right here in Escanaba training students, not just locally, but students around the state of Michigan are able to take advantage of these educational opportunities.”

WPBN Traverse City: Senator Peters Brings Hope To Michigan Fruit Farmers With New Bill Against Invasive Insect

Today, Senator Gary Peters visited Leelanau County on his annual motorcycle tour in Michigan, and he delivered some good news to fruit farmers in the area. Peters arrived this morning with other motorcycle riders to tour the Michigan State University Horticulture Research Center. He met with local cherry growers and fruit farmers that rely on the research done at the center to help their farms. Spotted Ring Drosophila, also known as SWD, is an invasive insect that continues to plague fruit growers in Michigan. Senator Peters introduced a bipartisan bill that helps fund research to eliminate this fly.

We expect to have it move in the comprehensive Farm Bill, which if all goes well, we'll move out of the Senate at the end of September and then move to the full Congress to pass by the end of the year. But it's important to get this done. And as I was mentioning other work that I do, which is important, and I think what we're seeing here with us, this Spotted Wing Drosophila, this is an invasive species that came in,” said Peters.

Peters got to see the small wasp that was released this week to kill SWD. The growers were grateful for support to help them continue farming.”

WSGW News Radio Saginaw: Sen. Peters Talks Infrastructure, Lafayette Bridge on Bay City Motorcycle Stop

“The Senator was joined by Trevor Keyes, President and CEO of Bay Future and Bay County Road Commission Chair Bill Schumacher to highlight the importance of federal funding through the bipartisan infrastructure law which will help replace the aging 85-year-old Lafayette Street Bridge. Peters helped enact the infrastructure law and secure a $73 million federal grant to support reconstruction of the Bridge.

“In a news conference, Peters says residents depend on safe, reliable roads and bridges each and every day to go about their daily lives. He says the investments not only help improve infrastructure but help encourage local economic growth in the long run while supporting good-paying jobs.”

WJRT Flint: Sen. Peters Discusses $73 Million for Bay City Bridge

“US Senator Gary Peters visited Bay City as a part of his annual motorcycle tour. During a stop at Bigelow park yesterday afternoon, he spoke with those in the community and the media praising 2022's massive infrastructure package. Among those projects, $73 million for reconstruction of Bay City's aging Lafayette Bridge. He says the bridge represents a larger issue.

“What we're seeing, not just in Michigan, but around the country, is this infrastructure that is aging. And we have been living off of for too long, the investments that our parents and sometimes our grandparents made in infrastructure. Now it's time for us to also invest in infrastructure for ourselves,” said Peters.

WLNS Lansing: U.S. Senator Gary Peters Rides Motorcycle Into Town Thursday

“Gary Peters rode into town by motorcycle Thursday morning, and there was a crew of bikers alongside him. The visit to Lansing Thursday marks the last day of the U.S. Senator’s annual motorcycle tour across Michigan. In the capital city, he’s slated to visit United Auto Workers Local 652 to meet with members and retirees.

“Peters, an avid motorcycle rider, grew up in a union household, his office said Tuesday. His father was a National Education Association teacher, and his mother, a nurse’s aide, working with the Service Employees International Union to organize her workplace.”

WLUC Marquette: Hitting the Gas to Support Mid-Michigan’s Unions

“Hitting the gas to support mid Michigan's unions Wednesday was US Senator Gary Peters.

“When we have strong unions in this country, we have a strong country. We have a strong middle class. Everybody in the country benefits,” said Peters.

WJMN Marquette: Sen. Peters Launches Motorcycle Tour

“Peters stopped in Escanaba on Tuesday where he tackled the topic of getting students ready for the jobs of tomorrow. And he was in Traverse City on Wednesday to talk about the SWAT Act, a bill that would help growers fight off fruit flies. Then Thursday he was here in Lansing – he visited UAW local 652 as part of his paving the way for Michigan's future tour. He met with members and retirees to discuss priorities important to auto workers. And he also talked about the upcoming strike authorization vote.

So just as those union members were standing for everybody else, it is time for us to now stand with union members who are again fighting for fair wages, a retirement with dignity and the ability to have quality health care. That is what the union movement is about. That's what this contract negotiation is about,” said Peters.

WWJ Detroit: Sen. Peters Finishes Motorcycle Tour

Senator Gary Peters has wrapped up another successful motorcycle tour. Senator Peters finished the tour in Novi but made stops across the state in Muskegon, Ironwood, Escanaba, Traverse City, Bay City and Lansing. Peters says some of his favorite conversations were with veterans.

We had a number of great conversations – started out the tour in Muskegon with a celebration of the PACT Act, which is the legislation we passed to provide benefits for veterans who are suffering from exposures to toxic substances primarily through the burn pits that existed in both Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Peters.