Peters Floor Remarks Supporting Resolution to Target ‘Dark Money’ in Politics

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI) spoke on the Senate floor today in support of a Congressional Review Act resolution that would overturn Internal Revenue Service guidance easing donor reporting requirements for certain tax-exempt groups that engage in   political advertising. Click here for video of his remarks and below is the text as prepared for delivery: 

“Mr. President, I rise today in support of overturning the Treasury Department’s rule to allow even more ‘dark money’ into our political process.

“This action by the Trump Administration allows tax-exempt groups to hide the identities of their donors. It allows big corporations and wealthy individuals to inappropriately influence elections by contributing to outside groups in secret. This amounts to unlimited corporate political spending effectively silencing the voices of everyday voters.

“Under this President – the Internal Revenue Service is looking out for wealthy donors not for hard-working, middle-class families. I strongly support today’s action to overturn this rule. We need to reform our campaign finance system – improve disclosures and transparency – and restore the voice of the people in the democratic process.

“Michigan voters deserve to know who is behind the money being spent in our elections. We must take steps to improve transparency and restore trust in our electoral system. Above all, we must ensure that every American has an equal say in our elections – regardless of their means.

“The right of every citizen to make their voices heard at the ballot box is the very foundation of our democracy. I will continue fighting to ensure the voices of Michigan families aren’t drowned out by big corporations – or wealthy individuals with limitless resources who are trying to buy influence in our elections. We should be working to bring transparency to our political system – not shielding special interest groups – big donors – and this Administration’s political allies.

“I will support today’s IRS Dark Money Rule CRA, and urge my colleagues to join me in giving power back to the American people.”