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Peters Recognizes Black History Month

Detroit, MI U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI) released the following statement to commemorate Black History Month:

“Today marks the beginning of Black History Month, a time to celebrate the countless contributions African Americans have made to every aspect of our national life. As innovators, business leaders, elected officials, military service members, scientists, and educators, African Americans have played – and continue to play – a central role in shaping our history and paving the way for our future. Their great triumphs and accomplishments remind us that our rich diversity is what makes America the greatest country on earth.

“Today, as we also honor the thousands of brave men and women who endured violence and discrimination during the Civil Rights Movement a half-century ago, we must recommit ourselves to building upon their progress. A great deal of work remains unfinished, and it is up to us to ensure the promise of America is available to all.

“We can stand up for our nation’s principles of equality and justice for all by protecting voting rights, supporting education, and securing economic justice. While some lawmakers in Michigan are trying to make it harder to participate in our democracy, I remain committed to protecting equal access to the ballot box so that all Americans can make their voices heard. We must also continue to invest in quality, affordable education so our nation’s students are equipped with the learning environment and skills they need to succeed both in and out of the classroom. As we continue to respond to the devastating Flint water crisis, we must also promote environmental justice so that the most vulnerable Americans can lead happy and healthy lives.

“All hardworking Americans deserve access to the kind of opportunities that make the American Dream possible. In honor of Black History Month, let us reflect on the steps we can take to make America more fair and just for families in Michigan and across the country.”