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Peters Statement Honoring Black History Month

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI) issued the following statement to commemorate Black History Month:

“In celebration of Black History Month, we recognize the importance of diversity to the fabric of our country. African Americans have made significant contributions to our society - from serving in our armed forces and starting innovative businesses to making scientific breakthroughs and fighting for equal rights. This month, we honor the stories and legacies of the many African American patriots who have helped shape American history.

“This Black History Month, as we come together to reflect on the many achievements and sacrifices of African Americans, we must recognize that we still have work to do in the fight for equality. We must continue to work together to pursue the full promise of our nation for all Americans by ensuring access to the ballot box, a quality education for our children, affordable health care and opportunities for economic advancement.

“Black history is a key part of American history and our shared experience. I encourage all Michiganders to join me in recognizing Black History Month and reflecting on how we can continue to build a more inclusive and just country for generations to come.”