Peters Statement in Support of Iran Sanctions Act Extension

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI) today released the following statement following his vote in favor of renewing the Iran Sanctions Act. Peters is a cosponsor of the Senate version of the bill and has called for increased transparency in International Atomic Energy Agency reporting of Iran’s nuclear activity.

“It is vital that the United States and world powers in the P5+1 continue to hold Iran accountable to its obligations in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). A strong sanctions regime is what brought Iran to the negotiating table, and I firmly believe that the continued threat of additional sanctions remains the best way to deter Iran’s nuclear ambitions. I have long argued that strongly enforcing the JCPOA requires reauthorization of the Iran Sanctions Act. While the terms of the JCPOA allows the United States to re-impose sanctions on Iran in response to violations, extending the Iran Sanctions Act will serve as a backstop and send a clear message that the United States remains committed to ensuring Iran adheres to the terms of the agreement and faces consequences if it fails to do so. This is critically necessary to ensure the safety of the United States and our allies, especially Israel.”