Peters Statement on President-elect Biden’s Secretary of Transportation Designate

WASHINGTON, DCU.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI) today released the following statement on President-elect Biden’s nomination of Pete Buttigieg to be Secretary of Transportation:

“The next Secretary of Transportation will have no shortage of challenges: from rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges – to ensuring that the United States remains at the forefront of mobility innovation. In particular, we must have a federal framework in place that can safely usher in self-driving vehicle technologies and support auto manufacturing jobs.

“As a Midwest Mayor, Pete Buttigieg has a unique understanding of what it takes to revitalize our infrastructure, create local jobs, and build on partnerships that have been a proven success. This is a historic nomination, and – as a fellow former officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve – I look forward to discussing more with Secretary-designate Buttigieg on how to keep the American auto industry as the global leader on mobility.”