Peters Statement on Senate Vote to Confirm Mike Pompeo for CIA Director

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI), a member of the Senate Armed Services and Homeland Security Committees, today released the following statement after his vote against the nomination of U.S. Representative Mike Pompeo to be director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA):

“Last week, I supported two of President Trump’s national security cabinet nominees because I believe they will act as a balance to the President’s unpredictable words and actions. However, I have very serious concerns about some of Representative Pompeo’s past positions and statements on a number of issues - from torture to expanded government surveillance and climate change - and I could not support his nomination as Director of the CIA.

“As a Senator from Michigan. I am particularly troubled by Representative Pompeo’s past statements about the Muslim American community, who overwhelmingly despise violence and any perversion of their faith. Additionally, I believe his associations with groups that use hateful rhetoric toward the Muslim American community are not only offensive, but could actually harm American efforts to combat violent extremism and limit the CIA’s recruitment and retention of employees from Muslim and Arab communities.”