Peters Statement on Syria

WASHINGTON, DCU.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI) released the following statement on Syria, in light of the Syrian military’s chemical weapons attack in Douma:

“Bashar al-Assad and his inhumane government have shown zero regard – and even contempt – for the well-being of the Syrian people. Through chemical weapons, barrel bombings and torture, the Syrian government has inflicted unimaginable terror on the children, women and men it is charged with protecting. Bashar al-Assad is no leader: he is a ruthless, heartless dictator who has long since lost legitimacy with the Syrian people and is only being propped up by Russia and Iran.

“This month’s illegal and horrendous chemical weapons attack on the people of Douma – who have already endured years of indiscriminate shelling – must be met with a swift and firm response from the entire international community. I supported President Trump’s decision to launch air strikes after last year’s chemical weapons attack in Idlib Province, and I look forward to hearing more about the President’s stated plans for additional action in response to the attack in Douma. The United States and the world must once again send a unified message to Bashar al-Assad that chemical weapons have no place in humanity.”