Peters Statement on University of Michigan Climate Survey on Sexual Misconduct

WASHINGTON, DC – Below is a statement from U.S. Senator Gary Peters in response to a survey released by the University of Michigan that showed 22.5 percent of undergraduate female students experienced nonconsensual sexual behavior over the last year, with 9.7 percent of all female students experiencing nonconsensual sexual penetration over the last year.

“As a father, I am highly concerned with the results of today’s report, and the fact that 22.5 percent of female undergraduates surveyed experienced some form of unwanted sexual contact is completely unacceptable. It is important to note that the University of Michigan has undertaken the important work to better understand this problem and continue improving the climate on its campus. However, this survey shows much work remains to make our campuses in Michigan and across the country safer for all young people, especially our young women. That’s why I helped introduce the Campus Accountability and Safety Act to better protect and empower students, while also protecting the rights of accused students, and I look forward to working with our universities to tackle this problem head on.”