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VIDEO: On Senate Floor, Peters Calls for Passage of Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

WASHINGTON, DC – Ahead of a vote this week on the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI) delivered remarks on the Senate floor calling for the passage of this legislation, which would reduce the threat of gun violence, protect our children and help keep schools safe. The bipartisan bill is a significant breakthrough on gun safety legislation after nearly three decades without major progress.

“For far too long, Americans have grappled with an epidemic of gun violence that has taken lives, and shattered families and communities in my home state of Michigan and across the country,” said Senator Peters. “These shootings and attacks not only cause unimaginable pain and grief for victims and their families, but terrorize entire communities that must cope with the lasting effects of unspeakable tragedy in their schools, theatres, houses of worship, and other public places. There is no one easy solution to address this matter, but Americans deserve to feel safe where they live, where they work, learn, shop, and pray – and these senseless acts of violence occur far too often.”

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