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VIDEO: Peters Delivers Commencement Address at Michigan State University

EAST LANSING, MI U.S. Senator Gary Peters (MI) delivered the Master’s and Educational Specialist degree commencement address at Michigan State University today. Peters – who earned a M.A. in Philosophy with a specialization in ethics and development from MSU – highlighted the resilience demonstrated by the graduating class throughout the pandemic and spoke to the promise each graduate’s future holds entering a new frontier of discovery and innovation with a world class education in hand.

“It took a special kind of spirit to navigate the turbulence of the past few years. But through your hard work, your tenacity, and your courage you triumphed,” said Senator Peters in his address. “As Michigan State advanced degree graduates, you are among the world's best and the brightest. And I can’t help thinking about what an exciting time this is to be graduating. In fact, I believe we are living during the most exciting period of human history. Although, without question, we will face significant challenges, we will also have unbridled opportunity to change our world in powerful ways and you will be the ones who lead us through it.”

“As members of the Class of 2021, you will be the ones who build a better future for our state, our nation, and for the entire world. I can’t imagine a group of future leaders who are better prepared,” Senator Peters continued. “I hope that you will use your knowledge, and your experience, to anticipate what the future might bring. To identify the challenges that we will need to address, and to find compassionate answers that go beyond improving efficiencies or making a profit. I hope that you will look back on all the difficulties we have all faced over the past two years and remember that the things that make us human, and the connections that bring us together are worth fighting for, and worth placing at the heart of whatever you choose to pursue in the years ahead.”


To watch video of Senator Peters’ commencement address, click here or on the image above.

Peters has been honored to represent the State of Michigan in the U.S. Senate since 2015. In the 117th Congress, he is the Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, which oversees the Department of Homeland Security and is the Senate’s top oversight committee. He also serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee.

Most recently, Peters was rated by the Center for Effective Lawmaking as the most effective Senator in the 116th Congress. That’s despite serving in the minority during that time – and he was the first Senator in the minority to be rated the most effective since the Center started tracking that data over 50 years ago. In that time, he authored legislation into law ranging from increasing protections for the Great Lakes to strengthening our nation’s security at our borders and expanding apprenticeships for veterans.

Peters was born in Pontiac, Michigan and has lived his entire life in the state. He’s also a proud product of Michigan schools.