VIDEO: Peters Helps West Bloomfield Resident and Vietnam War Veteran Claim VA Benefits in Latest Installment of ‘On the Job for Michigan’

WEST BLOOMFIELD, MI — U.S. Senator Gary Peters today released the latest installment of “On the Job for Michigan,” a series highlighting the successful work of his office resolving cases involving federal agencies on behalf of Michiganders. West Bloomfield resident Al Morrison shared how Peters’ office assisted him in claiming benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Al served in the US Air Force while stationed in the Philippines during the Vietnam War Era. He was sent to Vietnam for temporary duty and as a result was exposed to Agent Orange. This has caused him to suffer long-term health consequences, in addition to PTSD, arthritis and other service-related conditions. After being denied his benefits multiple times, Al reached out to Senator Peters’ office for assistance. Peters re-submitted Al’s photos, newspaper articles, and other evidence proving his service in Vietnam to the Board of Veterans Appeals and was finally granted his full benefits.


Click here to watch West Bloomfield resident Al Morrison share his story.

Peters encourages Michiganders in need of assistance with a federal agency to contact his Detroit office at (844) 506-7420 (toll-free). For more information about the services provided by Senator Peters’ office—including how to seek help with federal casework, please visit his website: https://www.peters.senate.gov/services/help-with-a-federal-agency.