Academy Nominations

Thank you for your interest in the Service Academy Nomination application process. Military service academies offer an excellent education for students interested in serving their country in the Armed Forces. An appointment to the U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy or U.S. Merchant Marine Academy is a distinct and rare honor. While this process is very exciting, it is also competitive.

Nominees MUST BE United States Citizens and MUST BE PERMANENT residents of Michigan.

Candidates must be at least 17 years old, but not have passed their 23rd birthday by July 1 of the year of admission. Candidates for admission to the Merchant Marine Academy must be at least 17 years old, but not have passed their 25th birthday by July 1 of the year of admission.

Please visit the academy websites for additional eligibility requirements.

Required Documents


Please turn in all documentation at the same time, including letters of recommendation, in this order (do not staple):

  • A completed application form (Click "Application" below)
  • A current photo, photocopied on 8.5x11 paper
  • A copy of the results of your ACT and/or SAT scores.
  • Official High School Transcript
  • Biographical essay - include your reasons for wanting to attend an Academy, long and short term goals, and plans for the future should you not receive an appointment.
  • A list of your extracurricular activities; leadership responsibilities, sports, certifications, Awards and Honors, or notable hobbies
  • Letters of recommendation. Please obtain recommendations from 2 academic sources.  You may provide an optional 3rd recommendation letter from a non-academic source. All letters of recommendation must be submitted with your application in a sealed envelope with the author’s signature across the seal. 
  • Application opened directly with the Academy. This initiates your file at the Academy and permits the Academy to begin evaluating your candidacy. In turn, the Academy will keep me advised of your status. This separate application is not submitted to my office.


  1. Applications are due on October 31 (to be considered for the following school year) in the Detroit office.
  2. Interview: After the October 31 deadline you will contacted by my office with a scheduled interview appointment with my advisory panel.
  3. Students receive a letter notifying them of whether they are receiving a nomination by late January. Nominations are only made to applicant's first choice.
  4. Nominations are submitted by my office to the respective academies by the January 31 deadline.  Once nominations are submitted, it is up to the respective Academies to offer an appointment.
  5. Students who are offered an appointment by the Academies are notified sometime in February, March, or April. 
  6. May 1 is the deadline for students who have been offered to accept their appointment.
  7. Appointees enter their respective Academies in July. 

Please contact my Detroit office directly at 313-226-6020 if you have any questions regarding the nomination process. 

Please send all documents to:

U.S. Senator Gary Peters
ATTN: Constituent Services
477 Michigan Avenue, Suite 1837
Detroit, MI 48226