Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies

2022 Congressionally Directed Spending Requests

The following requests are listed in alphabetical order. You can find the Senator’s financial certification letter for the Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies requests here.

Ceasefire Detroit

Recipient Name: Detroit Police Department
Project Purpose: This funding will increase the capacity of Ceasefire Detroit's Outreach Team to reduce violence through a balanced approach that coordinates law enforcement and social services.
Project Location: Detroit
Requested Amount: $ 320,368

Center Line Dispatch Consoles

Recipient Name: City of Center Line
Project Purpose: This funding would replace the dispatch consoles currently used to communicate with City of Center Line public safety workers. The current consoles are at the end of their functional lives and replacement parts are no longer available.
Project Location: Center Line
Requested Amount: $350,000

City of Portage 800 MHz Radio Equipment Conversion

Recipient Name: City of Portage
Project Purpose: The purchase of this new technology will allow for both VHF and 800 MHz to be utilized using one single radio, enabling Portage police personnel to continue to operate on a VHF signal, while having the ability to switch to the 800 MHz system when working in mutual aid situations.
Project Location: Portage
Requested Amount: $200,000

City of St. Clair Shores PD In-Car Dash and Body Cameras

Recipient Name: City of St. Clair Shores
Project Purpose: This project would fund in-car cameras and body cameras to help improve transparency surrounding police interactions to build trust and help improve service to residents.
Project Location: St. Clair Shores
Requested Amount: $235,975

Grand Rapids Area Mental Health Crisis Co-Response

Recipient Name: City of Grand Rapids
Project Purpose: This funding would support the Grand Rapids Police Department pilot project for a co-response model that would deploy a trained crisis intervention team (CIT) officer and a trained mental health professional into the field to respond to calls where a mental health crisis exists.
Project Location: Kent County
Requested Amount: $180,000

Monroe County Community College - Criminal Justice De-escalation Training Simulator

Recipient Name: Monroe County Community College
Project Purpose: The primary purpose of the interactive training simulator is to place trainees from public safety and community health disciplines into realistic scenarios to apply communication and de-escalation techniques.
Project Location: Monroe
Requested Amount: $350,000

Project Clean Slate

Recipient Name: City of Detroit
Project Purpose: This project will assist Detroiters in determining whether they are eligible for expungement, and if so, provide dedicated paralegal and attorney support. The goal of Project Clean Slate is to help Detroiters who have served their time reenter society to create better opportunities for employment, education, and housing.
Project Location: Wayne County
Requested Amount: $1,502,200