WKZO 106.9 FM Kalamazoo: Peters' resolution to phase out PFAS in fire fighting foam passes Senate

The Senate unanimously passed the resolution Wednesday.

WASHINGTON D.C. (WKZO AM/FM) -- Senator Gary Peters has announced that his resolution to phase out firefighting foam containing PFAS in the National Defense Bill has been unanimously passed.

Peters spoke on the Senate floor yesterday (Wednesday) to explain the resolution.

"Today, our water and our health is at risk from highly fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS,” Peters said. "These chemicals have been widely used commercially, and they are also concentrated in firefighting foams used by the Department of Defense."

Peters noted that PFAS contamination is a national issue.

"They are toxic and have been linked to serious health issues to those exposed to them," Peters said. "High levels of PFAS contamination exist at the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Oscoda, Michigan and at military sites all across our country."

Peters also noted that PFAS-free foam is already being used internationally.

"PFAS-free foams are already widely used internationally both by military services and at major hub airports such as Heathrow and Dubai," Peters said.

Peters says that PFAS must be eliminated to help protect civilians and public service workers alike.

"We must protect our troops, our firefighters, our communities and our water, and I urge my colleagues to support my Resolution," Peters said.

Following the speech by Peters, the resolution was passed on the floor unanimously.

Since the bill has been passed, the Department of Defense has until 2023 to phase PFAS-containing foam out of the National Defense Budget.

The news comes following a grant to the Michigan government to study the effects of PFAS in humans.

It also follows the news of a grant that will replace PFAS fire fighting equipment at Michigan airports.

By:  Will Kriss
Source: WKZO 106.9 FM Kalamazoo