WLNS CBS 6 Lansing: U.S. Senator Gary Peters visits GM workers in Lansing

U.S. Senator Gary Peters, D-Michigan, made his was to Lansing this afternoon to show his support of UAW workers standing on the picket lines.

“This is an important effort on their part to make sure that they can have fair wages, fair benefits for the hard work that they put in,” Senator Peters said.

It’s day 16 of the UAW Strike, and Senator Peters, like most others, said he hopes it wraps up quickly, but so far there’s doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

He added that a lot of employees sacrificed when GM was in a financial crisis and now that GM is excelling, the workers deserve a part of that success.

“When the company is doing well, the workers should also share in that it should not just be a one-way street where they’re here to sacrifice,” Sen. Peters said.

While the Senator supports UAW workers, he said this strike stands for much more.

“This is not just about the men and women of the UAW. This is about working people all across the state and all across the country that say we need to stand up for fair wages and benefits. Folks at the top are making an awful lot of money and huge bonuses and yet that doesn’t seem to happen for everyday people and that’s wrong,” Sen. Peters said.

By:  Brittany Flowers
Source: WLNS CBS 6 Lansing