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2024 Congressionally Directed Spending Requests

Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS) requests are requests to fund a specific project or entity within a broader federal spending account. This year, Senator Peters will accept CDS requests for high-impact public projects in Michigan that can benefit from the federal government’s assistance. Senator Peters is accepting these requests from public entities: local government entities, municipalities, villages, townships, counties, tribal governments, public agencies such as law enforcement departments, and state-funded universities. The office will not consider Congressionally Directed Spending requests from non-public entities such as for-profit corporations or non-profit organizations. As part of the CDS process, Senator Peters’ office is required to disclose all of the requests he submits to the Appropriations Committee.

Among other questions, you will be asked the following as part of your CDS request:

• The total project costs, the funds requested from Congress, and the source(s) of the balance of the funding needed;

• How the requested funding will be spent, as specifically as possible;

• A justification for how the request will positively impact Michigan, including metrics for outcomes that would be improved if your project is implemented;

• The County in Michigan where your proposed project will be located;

• An accurate point of contact able to be responsive to requests for additional information that may be requested by the office, federal agencies, or the Appropriations Committee;

• Demonstrated support from relevant stakeholders, including in the form of letters of support;

• Evidence that the requesting organization has the capacity to take on this project; and

• Information about project partners (e.g., suppliers, contractors, partnering organizations).

In order to submit a CDS request, you must first identify the appropriate Subcommittee and Account under which your project is eligible for consideration. This year, the Appropriations Committee will accept CDS requests within the eight Subcommittees listed below. Please click on each Subcommittee to expand a list of eligible accounts within each Subcommittee. Once you have identified the correct Subcommittee and Account for your project, please click the link to access the appropriate CDS request form.

If you wish to submit a CDS request within the Military Construction/Veterans Affairs Subcommittee or Office of National Drug Control Policy, please contact Note that the Defense, Legislative Branch, and State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Subcommittees are not accepting CDS requests.

For reference, a complete list of CDS projects secured by Senator Peters in previous years is available here for FY23 and here for FY22.

You can also view this Subcommittee and Account information in PDF form here. If you have questions regarding which Subcommittee and Account under which to submit, please contact