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2024 Congressionally Directed Spending Requests

In addition to accepting programmatic requests which the Senate Appropriations Committee does every year, the Committee will on a bipartisan basis accept requests for congressionally directed spending items for fiscal year 2024. In accordance with reforms by the Senate Appropriations Committee to increase accountability and transparency related to congressionally requested spending, Senator Peters — who serves on the Appropriations Committee — is making publicly available the list of congressionally directed spending requests he submitted for the Fiscal Year 2024 appropriations process.

These requests are for high-impact public local projects in Michigan that can benefit from the federal government’s assistance. This includes local government entities, such as municipalities, villages, townships, counties, tribal governments and public funding sources, including state-funded universities.

The bills listed below were open to requests for congressionally directed spending. These disclosures are being released in accordance with the deadlines set forth by the Committee.